If this is your first visit to this podcast’s website, welcome ❤ To clear up any possible confusion, X-Files Truth is not new. It has existed in a few different versions since December of 2010. Yours truly, your hostess-with-the-mostness, Agent Angela, came on board in August of 2013. Starting on October 1, 2017: It's only me here, down in this basement office. But we'll get into more of that in a bit. First I want to give you the run-down of how XFT started, how it gained momentum, and where it's going.

X-Files Truth History

The X-Files have been closed. All files have been locked away in the Pentagon vault.  I’ve secretly been given access to these files. This is “X-Files Truth”.

When XFT began, Agent Shadow gave listeners detailed reports of information contained within the X-Files. Each podcast featured a new case: detailing unexplained phenomena, government cover-ups, and the investigations of Agents Mulder and Scully in each episode starting from the pilot. In “X-Files DNA” Agent Shadow used his expertise in audible forensics to present music related to the X-Files or the featured episode. This segment fell by the wayside after a couple of seasons, but who knows what the future may hold?

Providing insight into the relationship and personalities of the X-Files agents is Agent Angela. Yeah, my original segments. They still hold a special place in my heart. As a shipper specialist, I dug deep into the psychology of Mulder and Scully to provide a better understanding of their motivations, interaction on the cases, and overall partnership: giving my take in the “Chemistry Lab”.  Using my high clearance level, I also gathered intelligence from other sources on the segment “Out There”.

With news of possible leaks in the classified documents, Agent Summer searched for websites containing the restricted X-Files information to keep the government from closing them down. Each podcast featured a report on one such website in the “X-Files Web Report”. This was a short-lived one, since she left quite a while before I came around.

In “Counter-Intelligence”, Agent Stone worked to debunk the debunkers, defending the work of Mulder and Scully. He guided listeners with his take on the case and provided details of necessary background information. Generally thought of as the best analyst on the X-Files Truth team, Agent Stone used this proficiency in the “Character Profiles”. From time to time, he also provided the latest on new X-Files gear in the “Stone Gunman Report”.

Early podcast episodes had this segment that kept you current on the whereabouts of those associated with the X-Files in “The Truth is Still Out There”. Guided by Agents Chelsea and Summer, the segment gave updates on the latest roles and projects of X-File alumni, X-Files charity events and gatherings, as well as any information on a possible forthcoming movieX-Files revived seasons 10 and forthcoming season 11.

Where Do We Go From Here?

Simply put, there is a new sheriff in town. The general subject matter of each episode will be the same as past incarnations, but with my own spin and style. Long-time listeners are probably familiar with my past co-hosts and their ideological reasons for leaving and passing the whole podcast down to me. I will tell you this RIGHT NOW: I am socially and culturally the complete antithesis of them. I was regulated to my own role in this podcast, but no more. I’m an alpha designing-woman who makes her own breaks and is the embodiment of everything their culture is trying and failing to stamp out. You’ll learn more about this as we go along. I’m extremely proud to be part of the original wave of X-Philes, having started watching the series when it first aired in 1993. It was a sad day when they left, but also a very exciting day as this new door opened.

The Best Way to Predict the Future is to Invent it

Going forward, this podcast is no longer what’s considered “family-friendly.” Which is a fucking farce, btw: Kids hear much worse every day at school or when they turn on the TV for more than a few minutes. I DO swear, crack risque jokes, share risque stuff, make snarky sarcastic comments, roast side characters I don’t like, delve into MSR fanfiction when I don’t have anything else to talk about (usually in the Listener Feedback segment), and otherwise run my mouth in ways that may offend the conservative. I will give you what I think, straight up. If it offends your squeaky-clean vanilla sensibilities, don’t listen. Very simple. This fandom has been around for over two decades, and such a big percentage of it is made up of adults well past the age of majority. It’s not my responsibility to police what minors may read or hear online. This applies to anything created across any fandoms, and I’m a strong proponent of this practice/concept.

If all this is cool, I’m very stoked for all of you sticking by the podcast and moving along with me on this journey. Be sure to check out XFT’s presence on Tumblr and Google+, which is brand new for me as well, so we’ll embark on this together. On a related note, I’m aware of the resistance and often-chilly reception new, younger X-Phliles get among earlier generations of fans. If you’re a Baby Phile who’s reading this, I’ll tell you right now: You have a friend and ally here at X-Files Truth. I welcome you to reach out to me, whenever and about anything X-Files-related, or even if you just want to say hi and talk.

How to Reach Me From Here on Out

#1: Hit that Follow link on XFT’s Twitter in the side bar. I love Twitter, I’m hooked on it, it’s on my phone 24/7, and I’ll see it right away if you mention or DM me. I’ll respond to you asap unless I’m at work. In that case, right after. I adore Tumblr nearly as much, so follow and DM me there if you prefer. I’ll get back to you nearly as fast.

Far as XFT’s Facebook, I’m not on it as much, usually only when I get a notif. The same goes for Google+ at this point in time. Email: let’s get real, it’s far into the 21st century. Far fewer people email any more. But the podcast’s new email is xftruth@gmail.com. I rarely check it, FYI. For future fan submissions, I have something more fun in mind. From time to time, I’ll open up XFT’s Tumblr to fan submissions: whether audio, video, written reviews, or combinations. Stay tuned.

I’ve been considering the possibility of finding a new agent to join me. If that happens, it’ll be some time in 2018. More details will be posted on XFT’s Tumblr closer to then 🙂

Talkshoe is the tool I use to upload and make our podcast live on iTunes. It has the option of hosting live calls. Would you like to call in and talk to me at a certain day and time? The number is (724) 444-7444. As long as Talkshoe cooperates, I may add this either every Sunday or every other Sunday night. TBD. If there’s enough interest. Details TBA on social media.

“If I quit now, they win.”


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