Agent Angela’s Bio and Videos

I’m Agent Angela, formerly of the Chem Lab Analysis and Out There segments. Now I’m the only one left here as of October 2017. I began here in August of 2013, having never podcasted before, and I quickly became hooked. For four years, the cast of XFT worked like a well-oiled machine, despite us living spread across the good ole’ US of A. I’m part of the original wave of X-Philes; having started watched when it premiered in 1993 shortly after I turned 12. Fun fact: the terms “shipping” and “shipper” started in the X-files fandom. So anyone who’s ever shipped anyone with anyone else has the X-Philes to thank for it 😉

It was rough and abrupt when the rest of the cast departed, and long-time listeners know the reasons why. For newcomers, you can hear that story starting at about the 39:58 mark in the Chinga episode.

Without repeating too much what’s on the About page, I’m the opposite of where the rest of the cast members are culturally and what-not. Very divisive world we live in now, and sadly this team wasn’t immune to it. But it’s also an opportunity I’m excited about at the same time.

Keeping with an original XFT tradition, I promised you some favorite X-Files videos of mine, so here you go:

I saved the best one for last 😉 ❤ ❤ ❤

I also do horror story narration from time to time; check out my YouTube channel, yes: a bit of unapologetic self-promotion here 🙂


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