None of the incarnations of the X-Files Truth podcast have ever been for any profit. It exists out of sheer love for the series.

That being said, would you like improved crystal-clear sound on future podcast episodes? Then this hostess needs to get rid of her current headset mic that causes bumps, thumps, and pops while I’m recording. It’s a pain in the ass to edit out and drives me nuts.

If 20 people donated just $5.00: I could get this baby.

I’d be very, very appreciative if this ever happened ❤

There is an option to upgrade this free version of WordPress and pay monthly for more geeky badass customization stuff, but I already shell out monthly hosting fees for another fan site, so nah. It's cool as it is. If I could ever get that Snowball mic, that'll the the end of this donation page.

Follow the 3 steps below.

It's easy and doesn't cost anything to sign up or to send donations.

Paypal button

Go to [and sign up or log in]

1. Click the SEND MONEY tab [on top] and enter this email:
2. Enter any donation amount
3. Select – ‘I’m sending money to family or friends’ [free]

Need to sign up for PayPal? Go here.


2 thoughts on “Donations

  1. I don’t mind if some/all of the money from my donations is paid to the people involved in making this podcast, as a reward for giving up some of their free time to produce it.

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